Moody to Carnarvon (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
Topographical Office
4 New Street Spring Gardens
15th Sepr 1858
My Lord,
In reply to your Lordship's letter of the 14th Int 1 I have the honour to state that the stores to accompany the Detachment of Royal Engineers by the Mail Steamer sailing on the 17th Int consist of necessary field stores for immediate use on landing namely Tents, Cooking Utensils, Tools (a few) Clothing, Bedding, waterproof materials, the arms of the party a small quantity of ammunition and many miscellaneous articles all packed in Cases and Bales. All are indispensable. I have not forwarded either Building Materials or Provisions. I have not yet recd the detail of tonnage which will have to be totalled & checked at Southampton but I am of opinion it will exceed not Seven Tons.
I have the honour to be
Yr Lordship's
Most obedt humble Sert
R.C. Moody Col RE

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Mr Merivale
Copy to Admiralty in ansr to their enquiry. 2
ABd 15 Sepr
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Draft, Merivale to Secretary to the Admiralty, 15 September 1858, forwarding copy of the letter for information.
  1. = 14 A draft of this letter appears in Willis to Under-Secretary of State, 13 September 1858, 9424, CO 60/2, p. 3. Check, Merivale or Carnarvon.
  2. = AD-CO, 10 Sep Possibly Willis to Under-Secretary of State, 13 September 1858, 9424, CO 60/2, p. 3, above. But Merivale is replying to letter, 10 Sept ?? Check.
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