Moody to Under-Secretary of State
Topographical Office, War Dept
4 New Street, Spring Gardens
25 October 1858
With reference to the communication I have had the honour to receive 1 in reply to letters from me respecting the extra pay of the Officers, myself included, I fear my letters have not rightly expressed the request I desired to submit.
Namely—That the Officers may receive their Colonial pay from the dates of commencing here to do service for the Colony and that the men may receive the same amount as what was granted the men of Lt Col. Hawkins party. In short that precisely the same arrangements sanctioned for Officers and men of that expedition may be sanctioned for this.
Probably at the Treasury the details could be at once referred to.
The principle is so reasonable in itself that I venture to submit it to the favourable consideration of the Secretary of State.
I have the honor to be Sir
Yr most obedient humble Servant
R.C. Moody
Col. R.E.

The Under Secretary of State
Colonial Office
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Mr Elliot
This is a mistake of Colonel Moody's. He asked us for "extra pay and allowances", (which would I believe have come out of the funds of this Country,) meaning Colonial pay, which will come eventually from the Colony, if it produces any revenue, & is of greaterManuscript image account than the "extra pay."
This Letter is written to put the matter straight. I presume we must send it to the T-y.
ABd 25 Oct
For their consideration, I think.
TFE 25 Octr
Yes—to the Treasury. Col. Moody is inexact and on more occasions than one. Annex draft.
C Oct 25
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Draft, Elliot to C.E. Trevelyan, Treasury, 6 November 1858, forwarding copy of the letter and recommending compliance with Moody's request for parity with the previous expedition.
  1. = extra pay FIND CO-Moody re extra pay of officers. Unable to identify.
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