Moody to Under-Secretary of State
Topographical Office, War Dept
4 New Street, Spring Gardens
25th Octr 1858
With reference to the mode in which my Salary may be paid to me, I have the honour to request that the Lords Comms of H.M. Treasury may be moved to cause the amount (Civil & Military inclusive) to be paid over periodically—say quarterly—to my agents Messr Cox & Co. This will be so very great a convenience to me that I hope it may meet with the approval of the Secretary of State and of the Lords Commissioners of H.M. Treasury.
I have the honor to be Sir
Yr most obedient humble Servant
R.C. Moody
Col. R.E.

The Under Secretary of State
for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
ABd 25 Oct
TFE 25/10
Annex draft.
C Oct 25
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Draft, Elliot to C.E. Trevelyan, Treasury, 30 October 1858, forwarding copy of the letter and recommending compliance with Moody's request.