Moody to Under-Secretary of State
Topographical Office, War Dept
4 New Street, Spring Gardens
25th Octr 1858
I have the honour to state that the amount of my travelling and other incidental expenses such as Postage telegrams and cab hire chargeable to the Colonial Service upon which I have been engaged since the 17h August amount to £58.5s.4d and I shall feel obliged by its being paid to my credit at Messrs Cox & Co. Charing Cross. In this I have not included the personal allowance per diem as I do not think it should be asked for if the Colonial pay be sanctioned from the date of commencing to do duty vide my letter of this day's date.
I have the honour to be Sir,
Yr most obedient humble Servant
R.C. Moody
Col. R.E.

The Under Secretary of State
Colonial Office
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
Colonel Moody was promised reimbursement of the expences which he incurred. Recommend payment to Treasy.
ABd 2 Novr
TFE 3 Nov
Treasury as proposed.
C N 4
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Draft, Elliot to C.E. Trevelyan, Treasury, 11 November 1858, forwarding copy of the letter and recommending that Moody be reimbursed.