Moody to Under-Secretary of State
30th Octr 1858
Before leaving England I venture on the liberty of bringing to your notice the great assistance I have received from Corporal Spackman R.E. lent to me from Chatham to assist in the office matters relating to B. Columbia. He is so well acquainted with all the details and would be so valuable in the Colony that I would solicit him being sent out in the Euphrates as a Supernumerary Corpl sent on Special Service and attached to the Expedition.
I have the honor to be
Yr most obedt Servt
R.C. Moody
Col. R.E.

The Under Secretary of
State for the Colonies
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Mr Elliot
I offer no opinion on this. Official patience is exhausted by these constantly recurring requisitions.
ABd 1 Novr
Lord Carnarvon
You will best be able to decide. It would seem advisable to let him have a serviceable Corporal, if he has not already transgressed too much the limits of his intended force: & on this I am uninformed.
TFE 2 Novr
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Sir Edward Lytton
The question whether Corporal Spackman sd be sent out in the Euphrates or no is simply one of expense. I do not doubt that he wd be useful but considering the importance of keeping [costs] as low as we can, consistently with public interests, a bill wh has already far exceeded what I hoped wd be the amount I sd refuse this.
If so I wd forward to the W.O. an extract from this letter as the Corporal is entitled to receive the praise, wh he has earned, from his own authorities? Or better perhaps send a copy of this to W.O. stating that you do not consider it necessary to comply with Col. Moody's request?
C N 3
Can't increase expenses.
EBL Novr 4
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Draft, Elliot to War Office, 12 November 1858, forwarding copy of the letter and advising that Moody's request could not be complied with because of the expense.