Sanders to Lytton
33 Egremont Place
Brighton, Sussex
Oct 1st 1858
My Nephew Mr Edward Howard Sanders, informs me, that he has made an application to you for an appointment in the Mounted Police of British Columbia.
The purport of this communication is to state as briefly as possible that as the claims I had on the Government for services on the Gold Coast were never satisfied, altho' acknowledged, that you will perhaps kindly takeManuscript image into your consideration the case of my Nephew, as I shall never urge them for myself.
In 1850 (Feby) I was appointed Civil Commandant of H.M. Fort & Settlement of Dixcove, Gold Coast Western Africa, and was also a Magistrate for the Colony. As the duties to be levied on the Coast were not realized, I only received three months pay and after remaining in the Settlement until July 1851 recovered my arrears in England but received no passage money either to or from the Gold Coast.
Manuscript image
In Decr 1851 on my application to Earl Grey for a Magistracy in Jamaica, I received a reply stating his inability to assist me, as there was no vacancy.
As you have the character of being just, may I ask you to take my past services disappointments and losses of health & money into your kind consideration and give my Nephew the situation he is so well adapted for as an Officer and a Gentleman.
I have the honor to be Sir
Your very Obedt Sert
G.O. Sanders
Capt. late Leicester Reg.

The Secretary of State
for the Colonies
&c &c &c
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Ansr that Sir E. Lytton regrets he cannot encourage the writer that any apptment under Govt cd be conferred on the Writer's Nephew in B. Columbia.
ABd 5 Oct
As there are no vacancies.
HM O 5
Annex draft.
C Oct 6
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Carnarvon to Sanders, 15 October 1858, advising that the few vacancies in British Columbia had already been filled up.