No. 37
Downing Street,
10 November 1858
I transmit to you herewith, the Copy of a Letter which I have received from Captain Gosset on the eve of his departure from this Country, and I request you will communicate to him a Copy of this Despatch in answer. 1
I have no hesitation in mentioning to you that CaptainGossetManuscript image Gosset has performed the duties of the Office of Surveyor General of Ceylon with credit to himself and to the great advantage of the Colony, and considering the Colonial experience which he has acquired I am of opinion that, subject always to your discretion, he would appear a very proper and useful person to introduce into the Council whenever the proper time for forming such a body arrives.
2. At his request, as you will observe, I have to state that Captain Gosset entered the Civil Service of Ceylon on the 14th September 1855.
3. Manuscript image
3. With respect to his third request, though all public Officers in British Columbia must in the acquisition of land stand on the same footing as the mass of the community I feel assured that Captain Gosset will obtain from you all reasonable opportunities for the purchase of the land which is necessary to his personal comfort or to the efficient discharge of his Official duties.
4. With respect to Captain Gosset's claim to rations &c on account of his performance of the duties of the Commissariat Officer, I have to state that subjecttoManuscript image to yours and Colonel Moody's concurrence I shall have no objection to facilities being accorded to him in that respect provided they are of a reasonable and moderate nature. It is manifest that on the small scale on which this Military Force has been sent to British Columbia it would be out of the question to grant Captain Gosset indulgences which his rank in the Army, if he were in the Field and performing Commissariat duties might otherwise have strictly entitled him to; and I hope he will only prefer a claimonManuscript image on this account which you and Colonel Moody may feel it right and compatible with the Financial state of the Colonial Revenues to comply with.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant,
E B Lytton