No. 66
6 January 1859
Finding from the great pressure of Public Business that the services of an officer to fill the position of Colonial Secretary were most essential, and that the Queen's Service was delayed for want thereof, I have the honor toManuscript imageto aquaint you that I made application to Captain Prevost Commanding the Satellite, and Her Majesty's Boundary Commissioner, for the services of Mr William A.G. Young, Secretary to the Commission whom I recommended to you for the appointment of Colonial Secretary in my Despatch of the [19 June 1858].
2. Captain Prevost has placed the Services of Mr Young at my disposal, subject to any calls he may have to make upon him for the Boundary Commission, and therefore until I canManuscript imagecan attain an answer to my before mentioned Despatch, I have conferred upon Mr Young a temporary appointment as Colonial Secretary.
3. I trust you may be pleased to approve of this arrangement, as the services of the Colonial Secretary were indispensable, and I could not meet the urgency of the case in any better manner.
I have etc.
James Douglas
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Lytton, Edward George Earle Bulwer

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Young, William Alexander George

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