No. 230, Miscellaneous
7 November 1859
My Lord Duke
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Grace's Despatch No 6 of the 26th July, acquainting me that it was not in your power to sanction any increase to the salary assigned to the Colonial Secretary, and that you had therefore, no alternative but to direct me to acceptManuscript imageaccept Mr Young's resignation of that Office.
2. I notice that your Grace leaves in my hands the selection of a Gentleman to fill the responsible position of Colonial Secretary, and you trust that I may be able to replace Mr Young by a Gentleman, either well known, or well recommended, who is now in the Colony and who may be willing to give his services for £500 a year.
3. It is difficult to find a person so well qualified for the office of Colonial Secretary, as isManuscript imageis Mr Young, for with considerable experience, he combines attention to business, and suavity of manner, and his ability is undoubted, while in all respects I can place the most perfect reliance on his judgement and integrity; a consideration of the highest importance in a Colony where I am necessarily often called away from the seat of Government.
4. As I have found no one capable of replacing him, I have prevailed upon him to remain in Office for the time being; and IManuscript imageI have communicated to him the expression conveyed in your Grace's Despatch No. 7 of the 26th, of your readiness to entertain any proposal which I shall make for increasing the salaries of the Public Officers of the Colony whenever the Colonial Revenue will bear such burthen.
5. With respect to your Grace's remarks on Captain Gosset's proposal to undertake the combined duties of Treasurer and Colonial Secretary of British Columbia, I am of a like opinion with Your Grace, that the arrangement wouldManuscript imagewould not work well, the two offices from their nature being incompatible.
6. I have agre[e]ably to your Grace's instructions, communicated to Captain Gosset how irregular it is for him to correspond with a subordinate member of the Colonial Office in reference to his personal official position, and I have also pointed out to him the manner in which all such correspondence should be conducted.
I have etc.
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Mr Young having expressed his wish to resign the appointment of Colonial Secy Governor Douglas was authorized to offer it to some other gentleman on the spot. He now reports that he has found no one capable of replacing Mr Young, and that Mr Young has been persuaded to remain in office for the time being.
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