Paget to Merivale (Permanent Under-Secretary)
20 July 1859
I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to send you herewith for the information of Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Colonies the copy of a letter from Captain de Courcy of the "Pylades" dated 26th May last, and copy of its Enclosures, reporting his proceedings and the state of affairs at Vancouver's Island.
I am etc.
C. Paget
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Capn de Courcy's Accounts are never very comfortable. The Miners go up the Country regardless of how they are to subsist, & as there are no roads or tracks by means of which provisions can reach them, they are forced to return or starve. Their return, under such circes, is no proof that the gold fails.
ABd 21/7
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Put by.
HM July 21
CF 21
N 22
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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de Courcy to Rear Admiral Baynes, Commander in Chief, 26 May 1859, reporting on proceedings at Pacific station.
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W.A.G. Young, Colonial Secretary, to Captain G.P. Hornby, Tribune, 14 May 1859, requesting one ship remain anchored off the Saanich Peninsula to aid in the arrest of "an Indian belonging to the Saanich tribe."
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Young to Hornby, 20 May 1859, forwarding the governor's thanks for support at Saanich Peninsula.
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Hornby to de Courcy, 22 May 1859, concerning journey to Saanich Inlet.