Richards to Under-Secretary of State
Department of the Comptroller of Transport Services
Somerset House, W.C.
28 November 1859
It having been stated by the Brokers of the "Thames City" which vessel was engaged last year, for the conveyance of Stores &c to British Columbia, that, in addition to certain War Office Stores, the undermentioned Articles were, under the superintendence of Colonel Moody shipped in that Vessel by the "Topographical Department under the control of the Colonial Office," viz:
19,000 Stock bricks weight about 50
1,000 Fire bricks 3
8,400 Counter Slates 20
Powder 10 I request that you will cause me to be informed, as soon as possible, whether this statementManuscript imagestatement is correct, in order that a portion of the Freight may be advanced to the Brokers of the Vessel, who have been prevented from obtaining the proper receipt for their delivery, in consequence of the absence, from pressure of business, of the Officer to whom the Stores were consigned.
I have etc.
Chas. Richards
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
The Shipowner is in very urgent want of payment for the freight of these stores. But Col. Moody is believed to have carried away with him the Bills of Lading and there is no evidence here of the stores having been shipped in the "Thames City."
It is known however that they were purchased by Col: Moody and if the owners can produce to the Admiralty evidence of the Shipment I think a payment on account might be Manuscript imageauthorized—answer the Admiralty to this effect?
HT Irving 29 Nov
Annex dt.
HM N 30
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Draft, Merivale to Comptroller of Transport, 7 December 1859, advising the Colonial Office did not possess information on the stores, but that payment would be made providing the brokers produced evidence that the articles were placed on board.