Cumming to Lytton
Bill Hotel
68 Trongate
7 February 1859
A Petition signed by upwards of a Thousand of the working men of Glasgow praying to be embodyed into a Band of Volunteers or Millitia for the New Colony of British Columbia for 5 years, and to be provided with free grants of land in the Colony and assisted to create thereon at the termination of their service the same as was done with the Germans at the end of the late war with Russia, was transmitted to Her Most Gracious Majesty throu the hands of His Grace the Duke of Hamilton &ca. No answer ever having been received from His Grace altho writ[t]en to and no acknowledgement of the letter I have been instructed toManuscript imageto make enquiry at you if such a Petition was received by you on behalf of Her Majesty or if you know that such was presented to Her Majesty, also the answer if presented or Received. Hoping to have an answer by return of Post.
I remain etc.
Andrew Cumming
Secretary to the Council
of United Trades Glasgow
The promoters of the Petition which was placed in His Graces Hands in the later end of September last.
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
See ansr returned on this subject to the Home Office on the 10 Novr.
Shall we now write to the H. Office, or to the Petitioners direct.
ABd 9 Feb
Perhaps it can be privately ascertained first at the Home Office, whether in point of fact they returned any answer to the petition.
HM F 10
This should be done at onceā€”as further delay wd be unfortunate.
C F 12
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Draft, Merivale to Gathorne Hardy, Home Office, 15 February 1859, forwarding Cumming's letter and asking that the appropriate reply communicated in previous correspondence be transmitted to the writer.