Young to Lytton
Royal Humane Society,
Office, No 3
Trafalgar Square, W.C.
7 February 1859
I am instructed by the Treasurer and Committee to write and ask if you will permit a parcel of the "Methods of treatment," as adopted by this Society for the recovery of persons apparently drowned, to be sent in the Despatch Manuscript imagebag to Vancouvers Island for the purpose of distribution amongst the Settlers both there, and on the Fraser River.
Trusting you will kindly accede to this request.
I have etc.
Lambton J.H. Young
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
We shall be heavily charged for this by the U. States Post Office; of whose services we avail ourselves in the Pacific.
ABd 10 Feby
Manuscript image
It is a choice between heavy postage & cooling the zeal of a worthy Society. But I am inclined on the whole to think we ought to tell the Society that we cannot afford the postage, though we shall be happy to send 2 or 3 copies for the benefit of the Governor, who will distribute the information as well as he can.
HM F 11
I think we might perhaps go as far as 12 or 18 copies?
C F 12
12 copies.
EBL F 12
Mr Jadis
If you cd ask the Society to send here a small parcel of these pamphlets I can forward it by a private hand. But it shd be sent by the 16th or 18th inst.
ABd 14 Feby