Barr to Newcastle
Leeds, 21, Cheapside, Briggate
July 26th 1859
My Lord,
Her Majesty's Government having deemed it desirable to establish a Colony in British Columbia, and having returned from Vancouver's Island after a residence of nearly Five Years during which period I held several important public offices (as you will perceive by the enclosed copy of my Testimonials), I beg most respectfully to solicit an appointment in the said Colony in any capacity that your Lordship may consider my qualifications and experience entitled thereto.
I may state that I have travelled some four hundred miles north of Vancouver's Island, including Fraser's River, Fort Hope and Thompson's River, New Caledonia, and have consequently become acquainted with the particular manner and customs of the various Indian Tribes, which I trust will be an additional recommendation.
I have the honor to be acquainted with the Rt. Hon. M.T. Baines, Edward Baines Esqre M.P. and G.S. Beecroft Esqre M.P. all of whom, I am sure, will be glad to bearManuscript imagebear Testimony to the respectability of my connections should your Lordship think fit to refer to them.
I shall be happy to do myself the honor of waiting upon your Lordship at any time convenient to your Lordship, and should your Lordship deem my application worthy of an Appointment, I shall on the shortest notice be prepared to embark for the said Colony.
Permit me to add that should I be honored with an appointment nothing shall be wanting on my part strictly to carry out the wishes and intentions of Her Majesty's Government requisite to the formation and extension of such an important Colony.
Waiting your Lordship's reply,
I have the honor to be, My Lord,
Your Lordship's most obedient Humble Servant
Robert Barr

To His Grace the Duke of Newcastle
Secretary of State for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Merivale
Ansr, I presume, that the Duke of Newcastle has no office at his disposal in V.C.Id to which he cd appoint the Applicant?
ABd 30 July
HM July 30
CF Aug 1
N 2
Other documents included in the file
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Fortescue to Barr, 12 August 1859, advising that there were no offices vacant in British Columbia.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Printed copy of testimonials as per despatch, six entries.