Trutch to Carnarvon (Parliamentary Under-Secretary)
11 Catherine Grove
March 7th 1859
My Lord,
Some three months ago I addressed a Letter to your Lordship respectfully soliciting an Order for a few of the Maps executed by my son of the Oregon Washington Territories with a portion of British Columbia, thinking that such Maps might be of interest & service to Heads of Departments of Govt; my letter not having been honored by any notice, I venture again to intrude on your Lordship respectfully requesting that should there be a refusal to purchase any more of the Maps, your Lordship will be pleased to give order for payment of the 2 Maps furnished to the Colonial Office in July last.
I have the honor to be, My Lord,
Your Lordship's obedient Servant,
William Trutch

To the Right Honble
The Earl of Carnarvon
Minutes by CO staff
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Lord Carnarvon
One Map in two portions, bearing the names of "Trutch & Hyde" has found its way to the Library. The Map can be of little use to us; but if you wish us to have it it can be paid for.
ABd 9/3
I suppose that as we have kept it so long we ought to Manuscript imagepay for it. The cost will be very slight. Annex dt.
C Mch 9
Mr Halksworth
How is this to be done.
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
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Printed description of the map, including favourable comments upon it by R.I. Murchison, President of the Royal Geographical Society.
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Colonial Office to Trutch, 19 March 1859, forwarding payment for the maps and advising that no further copies would be required.
Minutes by CO staff
Mr Halksworth will supply the Post Office order.
P.O. Order forwarded today.
WH 19 March/59