No. 13
Downing Street
2 February 1859
I have to acknowledge your Despatch No 26 of the 8th November last reporting the arrival on the 29th of last October of Captain Parsons with the Detachment of Royal Engineers under his command. I have also received from that officer a letter dated the 9th of November to the same effect.
You will inform Captn ParsonsthatManuscript image that in accordance with the established "Colonial Regulation" public functionaries who have any representations of a public or private nature to make to Her Majesty's Government should properly address them to the Governor of the Colony, whose duty it is to receive and act upon such representation as the public advantage may seem to him to require. Captn Parsons will, therefore be so good as to attend to this rule in future, the departure from which is apt to produce inconvenience, and you will also make the rule as widely known as possible, so that there may not be any ignorance of it in either British Columbia or Van Couver's Island. Of course any Officer or privateManuscript image person has a right to address the Secretary of State direct on any subject which he thinks is necessary to bring under his notice, but in that case he must send his petition or representation under cover to the Governor, who will transmit it with such report as he may deem it to require. Unless sent in this way through the Governor it cannot be attended to.
I find that you are in possession of several Copies of the Book of Colonial regulations, which were sent to you in your capacity of Governor of Van Couvers Island. You will therefore be readily able to fulfil the preceding instruction.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
E B Lytton