No. 6
Downing Street
26 July 1859
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your Despatch of the 26th May No 159 forwarding the resignation by Mr Young of the Office of Colonial Secretary which was recently conferred upon him at your request.
Manuscript image
For the reason assigned in my other despatch of this day's date in reference to the insufficiency of the Salaries of the Treasurer and the Collector of Customs in British Columbia, I have no alternative except to direct you to accept Mr Young's resignation, and to express my hope that it may be in your power to replace him by selecting some Gentleman, either well known or well recommended to you, who is nowManuscript image residing in your Government, who shall be willing to give his services to you for £500 a year.
Mr Blackwood has submitted to me a letter which Captain Gosset has addressed to him offering to undertake the combined duties of Treasurer and Colonial Secretary of British Columbia. I do not perceive how it would be possible for Captn Gosset to perform both these services as, in his capacity of Secretary youManuscript image would require his constant attendance upon yourself in Vancouver's Island, whilst the Office of Treasurer is supposed to demand his presence in British Columbia. At this moment, and probably for some time to come circumstances may compel Captain Gosset to reside in Vancouver's Island; but this will not, I conceive be obligatory on him, after British Columbia has assumed a definiteformManuscript image form of Government. I express, however, no opinion upon Captn Gosset's offer and leave it to you to avail yourself of it or not according as you may deem most advantageous for the public Service.
You will have the goodness to mention to Captn Gosset that it is very irregular for him to correspond with any subordinate Member of this Office upon subjects relating to his personal official position, or on theManuscript image affairs of the Colony; and that whatever he may wish to say hereafter in reference thereto must be stated in a communication to the Secretary of State, and forwarded through the Governor of the Colony.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
Humble Servant