No. 11
Downing Street
6 August 1859
I have to acquaint you that on the application of Messrs Cox & Co I have requested the Lords Commissoners of the Treasury to issue to them as Agents for Colonel Moody the balance of Salary due to Colonel Moody as Commissioner of Lands and Works up to 31st March last.
As you had so recently reported the inabilityofManuscript image of the Colonial resources to meet the expences of the Engineer party, I felt that I had no alternative but to recommend to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury that this payment should be added to the advances already made for this service. But I must remind you that the Colonial pay of Colonel Moody is to be paid from the Colonial Revenue, and that it cannot continue to be advanced from Imperial funds, unless there should be no means in the Colony of meeting the charge, in which case it will be necessary that you should speciallyreportManuscript image report the circumstance to the Secretary of State.
I am, Sir
Your obedient Servant
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