No. 13
Downing Street,
29 August 1859
With reference to my Predecessor's despatch No 56 of the 28th of April, informing you that Her Majesty's Government were about to call for tenders for the conveyance of the Mails between San Francisco and British Columbia,IManuscript image I have to acquaint you that on subsequent consideration it has been decided that the advantages which would be derived by the Colonies of British Columbia and Van Couvers Island would not prove equivalent to the large amount of subsidy that would be demanded for the establishment of this service. The same cause has precluded Her Majesty's Government from entertaining a proposalthatManuscript image that had been submitted to them for carrying these mails through Canada and the Hudson's Bay Company's Territory. I have therefore to instruct you to endeavour to secure the improvements in the existing service which you pointed out as desirable in your despatch of the 5th November last which I trust will suffice to meet the requirements of the two Colonies till their progress and encreasing importanceshallManuscript image shall ensure more advantages proposals.
I have to add that the Postmaster General has obtained the permission of the United States Post Office to forward the correspondence for Van Couvers Island and British Columbia in closed Mails addressed to Her Majesty's Consul at San Francisco who will forward them by the first eligible opportunity to their destination.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient Servant
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