Downing Street,
5 September 1859
Among the many difficulties with which the organization of Government in BritishManuscript image Columbia has to contend, I cannot but think that the presence and residence in that Colony of the several Officers who have been appointed by the Crown to conduct its affairs is indispensable.
I have not received any special report from yourself on this subject: but from such information as I collect from other sources (subject to your better knowledge as to its correctness) it would appear that this essential duty is very much disregarded.
Being yourself Governor both of Vancouvers Island and British Columbia you have necessarily a divided duty to perform: but the unavoidable absence which this occasionsManuscript image on your part cannot dispense with the closer attention of other British Columbian functionaries to their duties.
It is stated that the Judge, the Colonial Secretary, his assistant, the Attorney General, and the Treasurer, are at present residing in Vancouver's Island.
This state of things must be put an end to at once, and the gentlemen in question must be warned that they must repair with the least practicable delay to the scene of their duties, or, it they decline to do so, must at once resign their situations. I am aware that there may be difficulties in finding residences in a colony just commencing its existence, butManuscript image these difficulties must be overcome, as they would by this time have been overcome had not the close neighbourhood of the Colony of Vancouvers Island afforded so easy a means of absenting themselves for the time from their posts.
I have etc.