No. 90
8 November 1860
My Lord Duke,
I have received your Despatch of the 6th July, No 39, dealing with the question of the position and residence of Mr James Cooper the Harbour Master of British Columbia.
2. I have acquainted Mr Cooper with your Grace's views as to his place of Residence, and he will shortly take up his permanent abode at Manuscript image at New Westminster.
3. I thank your Grace for your pertinent remarks upon the intermeddling of Public Officers with Politics and Political Journals, and I shall not fail, should occasion require, to communicate the substance of those remarks to the Officers holding Appointments under my Government.
I have etc.
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
VJ 2 Jan
Put by. (I infer from the Governor's language that he did not see occasion at this time to communicate to Mr Cooper the remarks about opposition to the Govt.)
TFE 2 Jan
CF 3
N 8