Lugard to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
14 July 1860
With reference to your Letter of the 26th ulto. together with its enclosures (herewith returned) relative to the Cargo shipped in the "Thames City" with the Detachment of Royal Engineers sent to British Columbia, I am directed by the Secretary of State for War to acquaint you for the information of the Duke of Newcastle, that the greater proportion of the stores referred to were not obtained through this Department but were procured and shipped under the directions of Colonel Manuscript image Colonel Moody Colonel Moody.
There is therefore no means, in this Department, of ascertaining the amount of tonnage, but as far as can be judged from the list of stores, it would appear that the Broker's claim for 93 tons 15 Cwt., is not unreasonable.
With regard to the articles stated to be damaged or deficient, I am to acquaint you that steps have already been taken for arranging with the owners in regard to the several items referred to in Capt Luard's Letter, excepting the four casks of Brandy shipped by Messrs Silver and the 112 lbs of Tobacco deficient. Mr S. Herbert conceives Manuscript image conceives that the owners should be required to pay for the Brandy; and the value of the Tobacco has apparently been deducted by the Admiralty from the amount due for freight. As however it may be inferred from Capt Luard's Letter that he has made good the supply of Tobacco for his men, directions will be given for placing the amount in question (£7.9.4) to his credit at Messrs Cox & Co, charging the sum to the Admiralty.
I have etc.
Edward Lugard
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Sir F. Rogers
I see no other course than sending a Copy of this Letter to the Admy (returning the enclosures in 5782) & adding that if a reference to Col: Moody is wished for we will make it.
ABd 16 July
FR 16/7
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Draft, Colonial Office to Secretary to the Admiralty, 23 July 1860, forwarding copy of the War Office letter and advising that reference could be made to Moody in order to ascertain the total tonnage shipped.