Blake to Newcastle
Beaulnamulla Athlone
January 16th 1860
My Lord Duke
As Your Grace is Colonial Secretary, I venture to ask you for the following information namely—If there is a police force organized or about being organized in Vancouver Island or British Columbia.
My reason for asking is that I am about to retire from the Irish Constabulary for the purpose of Emigrating either to British Columbia or Australia And I would like to know in case I select British Columbia, if I would have Manuscript image any chance of employment as a police-man there.
Please to let know, in case there is Such a force in existence, if I would be eligible to an appointment in it, or if I could get an appointment before going out.
I have just completed a period of Eight years in the Constabulary and can get the best of characters from the Officers that I served under.
I have a good deal of experience as a police-man, having Served in different Counties. And I am well acquainted with all the duties of the Force.
Manuscript image I have reason to think that there is Such Force, as I allude to in existence as I saw it announced some time ago in the public Press that Sub Inspr Brew of this force was appointed to be Inspector General of Constabulary in British Columbia.
I hope the importance of this matter to Me will be a Sufficient excuse for the liberty I take in addressing Your Grace.
Awaiting your Graces Answer
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke Your Graces
Most obedient Servant
James Blake S.C.
Beaulnamulla Athlone
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Merivale
Mr Brew the Superintendent of Police was sent out to B. Columbia to organize a Police Force, but we have not heard what progress he has made, so that we cannot say that any force at present exists. The Writer (if his Statements are accurate) would no doubt prove an useful officer & would probably find employt.
VJ 18 Jan
Manuscript image
Inform the writer that Mr Brew has gone to British Columbia, but that until he writes as to the steps he is taking, no situations are open, and that it is not at all probable his services will be required. Annex draft.
HM Jan 18
Other documents included in the file
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Draft, Merivale to Blake, 25 January 1860, advising that although a police force was in process of organization, no promise of employment could be held out at present.