Shrapnel to Newcastle
Royal Dock Yard
Nova Scotia
April 5th 1860
My Lord Duke
His Grace the late Duke of Wellington in a despatch to Sir John Sinclair remarking on the general efficacy of my late fathers Shell says

I consider Colonel Shrapnel to be entitled to a very ample reward for his ingenuity & the science he has proved he possesses, by the great perfection to which he has brought this Invention, & more particularly so because I am of opinion that, the public interest requires that the advantage we have derived from the use of the Shell should not be made known & he is therefore deprived of the fame & honor which he could have enjoyed.
I am ready to give this opinion whenever it may be required & to assist by every means in my power to procure a just reward for Col: Shrapnel.
Arthur Wellesley

Oct: 13 1808

Manuscript image I refer to the above as shewing the opinion of the greatest man of the age.
I trust therefore without being thought obtrusive I may once more appeal to your Graces consideration. The little my father was able to leave me has all been expended in the service of my country. I volunteered out to the Kaffir War in 1851 & having served till the end of it—I returned home again. I joined the West Kent Regt of Militia during the Crimean War—& in order to perfect myself in Military tactics attached myself to the Depot of the 67th Regiment for a period of six months—all of which services were entirely supported by my own money & without any Government emolument.
If your Lordship finds it difficult to meet my wishes I make one final appeal for your consideration. I have a desire to go to British Columbia where I am informed men of education Manuscript image and active habits are in much request. Would your Grace, as a small testimony of my fathers services render the assistance necessary to transport myself & family to that Colony. I should be satisfied even with that rather than to remain in the degrading duties I am performing in this Yard.
With every apology for intruding on your Lordship's time.
I have the honor to remain
My Lord Duke
Your Obt & Hble St
Henry Shrapnel

His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
&c &c
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
The writer, who dates his Letter from Nova Scotia, signs himself "Henry Shrapnel." But we have lately had another and a similar application from a gentleman at "Dundalk" alleging that he is "the son & representative of the late General Shrapnel." Are they both Sons of General Shrapnel and claimants on the Nation, or is one of them advancing pretensions to which he is not Entitled?
I think the best thing to do will be to return answers devoid of encouragement to both applicants.
ABd 18 Apl
TFE 18/4
CF 20
N 22
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Draft, Fortescue to H.N.S. Shrapnel, Dundalk, 25 April 1860, holding out little prospect for a colonial appointment.
Minutes by CO staff
Similar answer to Henry Shrapnel Esqe, Royal Dock Yard Halifax, N Scotia. See Minute on 3872 B. Columbia.