No. 5
Downing Street
21 January 1860
Having referred to the Lords Commissoners of the Treasury your despatch No 226 of the 25th of October last, I have to acquaint you that their Lordships have informed me that in their opinion it would beManuscript image better to postpone fixing a rate of allowance for your travelling expenses during the time that you might be absent from the Seat of Government on official duty, until some experience shall have been obtained of the cost of travelling in British Columbia; and that the system of furnishing accounts of actual disbursements made by you should be persevered in, until sufficient data exist for establishing a daily rate.
The instance of Ceylon quotedManuscript imagequoted as a parallel case can scarcely be so considered when reference is had to the amount of Pomp and display considered indispensable in the latter Country.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
Humble Servant
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