Downing Street,
13 February 1860
I have had under my consideration your despatch marked confidential of the 24th of October requesting that the condition on which by my despatch of the 29th of July, I sanctioned an annual addition of £1,200 to your Salary might be dispensed with.
I have to inform you that in the present uncertain state of the finances of British Columbia, H.M's Govt consider that Manuscript image that it would be unadvisable and probably difficult to fix a permanent amount for the salary of the Governor of that Colony and Vancouver Island, and I regret therefore that I can only authorize you to appropriate the sum of £1,200 out of the Revenues of British Columbia as an allowance for the year ending the 31 of December last, leaving the question of the amount of your salary for the future to be hereafter considered with reference to the circes of the colony and the cost of living.
I have etc.
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