No. 10
Downing Street
20 February 1860
The Lords Commissoners of the Treasury have applied to me for information respecting a bill for £250 presented at the Office of the Paymaster General and drawn by Mr W.A.G. Young for the Governor of British Columbia.
In the absence of any report from you I conclude that the drawer of this bill is Mr Young, theManuscript imagethe Colonial Secretary of your Government, and that it is drawn on account of his half years salary; I have therefore authorized the payment of it. But I must call Your attention to the irregularity of this proceeding.
I am not aware that Mr Young possesses any authority to draw Bills on your account, and the Colonial Regulations, to which I beg to refer you for your future guidance, distinctly provide that all Bills for Civil Salaries or for other servicesManuscript imageservices, the expense of which is defrayed from the Parliamentary Grant, are to be drawn by the Governor, and the Secretary of State and the Paymaster General are to be regularly advised of such Bills.
You will call upon Mr Young for an explanation of the circumstances under which he drew this Bill, and report them to me.
I have the honor to be
your most obedient Servant
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