No. 17
Downing street
16 April 1860
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch No. 218 of the 13th of September enclosing copies of the following Proclamations issued by you for the Colony of British Columbia, vizt No. 1 Proclamation dated 15th of May 1859,-for the naturalization of aliens. No. 2 Proclamation dated 19th of May 1859 respecting oaths. No. 3 Proclamation dated 2nd of June 1859, altering in some respectsManuscript imagerespects the Act for levying duties of Customs on Imports into British Columbia. No. 4 Proclamation dated 15th of June 1859 imposing tonnage, Pilotage, and Harbor dues at the Port of New Westminster. No. 5 Proclamation dated the 25th of June 1859 amending the preceding Proclamation. No. 6 Proclamation dated 10th of August amending the law relating to the licenses for selling spirits &c and for other purposes. No. 7 Proclamation dated 31st of August 1859 entitled theManuscript imagethe Gold Fields Act.
On the subject of the Proclamation for the naturalization of Aliens I shall address you in a separate despatch. The remaining Proclamations I have submitted for the sanction of the Queen, and they have been laid before Parliament in compliance with the provisions of the Act 21 and 22 Vic: cap: XCIX.
I transmit herewith extract of a report by the Law Adviser of this Department respecting the form of these Proclamations, and I shall be glad if you will cause the suggestions therein contained to be followed in the preparation ofManuscript imageof future enactments.
I have the honor to be
Your Obedient Servant
Documents enclosed with the main document (not transcribed)
Manuscript image
Extract of a Report from Rogers to Merivale, 17 November 1859, recommending that Douglas affix a number and title to each [proclamation] as is usual with Colonial Laws, that the proclamations be given short titles, and that they include marginal abstracts.