No. 37
Downing Street,
2 July 1860
I have had before me your Despatch No 168 of the 8th of June 1859, reporting the circumstances under which you had sanctioned the grant of extra pay to the Marines brought to Vancouvers Island inManuscript imagein Her Majesty's Ship "Tribune".
As no Sanction had been given by this department for the promises of extra pay and grants of land stated to have been held out to these Marines by Captain Magin, the Officer in Command, I caused enquiries to be made at the War Department and Admiralty, the result of which has shown that Captn Magin had no due authority for holding out to the men such expectations.
I Manuscript image
I am also given to understand that no extra pay has as yet been issued. I am unwilling however that the Marines should be disappointed in an expectation which though unauthorized was in fact held out to them. For this reason, and adverting also to the high prices of living in British Columbia and at Vancouvers Island, I have to authorize you to grant double pay to the Officers and men by allotting to them a Colonial rate exactly equal to their EnglishManuscript imageEnglish rate of pay. This Colonial pay will only be issuable to Officers and men landed for some permanent duty on shore, but to all who come within that description it may be issued retrospectively upon receiving from the Admiral or Senior Officer present accounts shewing the sums properly due under these directions.
I have the honor to be
Your Most Obedient
Humble Servant
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