No. 42
Downing Street,
19 July 1860
I have received and have perused with much interest your despatch of the 23rd May reporting the result of your observations during a late visit to British Columbia.
There is no subject of greater importance to a new Colony than the establishment of well considered regulations for the disposal of the publicManuscript image lands. I trust therefore that with the aid of your personal examination of the Country, and of the extensive correspondence in which you have been engaged with Her Majesty's Government you will soon be enabled to communicate to me those full and matured views on this subject which your despatch encourages me to expect.
The sketch you have sent of the Municipal Institutions proposed for New Westminster seem very promising and I am glad to infer that the Town is ready to accept them which is not always the caseManuscript imagecase in a young Colony.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
G.C. Lewis
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