No. 43
Downing Street
21 July 1860
I have had under my consideration the copies of three letters of the dates noted in the Margin,
29 March
3 "
2 "
which have been addressed to you by Colonel Moody, requesting that some assistance may be given to the Wives and Children and also the intended Wives ofManuscript imageof certain non Commissioned Officers and men belonging to the detachment of Royal Engineers to enable them to join their husbands &c in British Columbia.
No report having reached this office from you on this subject, I request that you will inform me whether this application meets with your approval. I observe that Colonel Moody states that the men understandManuscript imageunderstand that the Colony shall not be put to any expense on account of the transmission of the Women; and that arrangements can be made for the repayment to Her Majesty's Government by monthly stoppages from the Men's pay of the amount which it will be necessary to advance in this Country to defray the charge of the voyage. If you think that the Women should be sent out, the Men shouldManuscript imageshould be required to sign an undertaking to repay the expenses incurred and should state in writing that, if their wishes are complied with, they intend to remain in British Columbia after their discharge from the service. If I learn that the project obtains your approval, I shall take immediate steps for complying with the recommendation of Colonel Moody.
I have the honor to be
Your Obedient Servant
G.C. Lewis
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