No. 36, Miscellaneous
1 August 1862
I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your Grace's Despatch No 126 of the 29th May, forwarding an Extract from a Report of the Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners on the subject of a CompanywhichManuscript image which has been recently formed for the purpose of transporting Emigrants through Canada overland to British Columbia.
2. I have to thank your Grace for these papers and I will not fail to ascertain whether the Company carry out their engagements with good faith, in respect of the party of Emigrants which they were about to forward.
3. I have been informed that the three names appearing amongst the Board of Directors, as ResidentsofManuscript image of Vancouver Island, were inserted without the permission of the parties themselves, or indeed, without any knowledge on their part of the existence of the Company in question.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Grace's most obedient
Humble Servant
James Douglas
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
Put by.
ABd 29 Sepr
Col: Sleigh's Company. See the last sentence of this despatch, showing that he inserted people's names without their authority.
Put by.
TFE 29/9
If, as I believe, there is a prosecution of Col. S. pending when & if they can catch him, I think the last fact should be communicated to the Party prosecuting.
N 1-10
The Proceedings in Sleigh's case were reported in the Times of 22 Augt, 29 Augt, and 30 Sepr, 1862.
TFE 6/10/62
Mr Jadis
I have been unable to trace any party as at present prosecuting in this matter. It dropped before the Magistrates and Coll Sleigh having disappeared, as the Duke points out, nothing appears at present pending against him. This despatch may therefore be put by.
TFE 29 Nov