Romaine to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
20 November 1862
The Director of Transports having reported that expenses amounting to One Hundred and twenty one pounds fifteen shillings and two pence (£121.15.2) have been incurred by the Naval Department on account of the Conveyance of Extra baggage belonging to the Royal Engineers as shewn on the other side;I amManuscript image
feet in
Captain Parsons & Men 853 1 at 2/6 pr ft £106.17.8
Captain Grant & Men 119 at 2/6 14.17.6
I am commanded by My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to request that you will move the Duke of Newcastle to cause payment of the amount to the credit of Naval Services through Her Majesty's Paymaster General who has been authorized to receive the same.
I am
Your most Obedt Servant
W.G. Romaine
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
It has been ascertained that this is the same claim as the one referred to in 8402. Request the Treasury to pay the amount?
VJ 22 N
And tell the Admy we have done so.
TFE 22/11
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Draft, Elliot to G.A. Hamilton, Treasury, 25 November 1862, authorizing paymaster general to transfer £121.15.2 to naval funds.
Manuscript image
Draft, Elliot to Secretary of the Admiralty, 25 November 1862, advising of the transfer.
Manuscript image
Director of Transport to Elliot, 21 November 1862, advising that the letter of 20 November referred to same claim as the letter of 1 August.
Romaine, William Govett to Rogers, Frederic 20 November 1862, CO 60:14, no. 11296, 30. The Colonial Despatches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia 1846-1871, Edition 2.2, ed. James Hendrickson and the Colonial Despatches project. Victoria, B.C.: University of Victoria.

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