Townson to Newcastle
Chamber of Commerce, Liverpool
6 May 1862
I have been directed by the Council of this Chamber to forward the accompanying Memorial on the Subject of Postal Arrangements between England and the Colonies of British Columbia and VanCouver's Island, for which I am to beg the favor of your Grace's consideration.
I have etc.
Robert Townson
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
I suppose it must be ansd that the subject of better postal communication with these Colonies has frequently engaged the attention of H.M.G.—that great interest is felt in the amendment of the arrangements by means of which the service is conducted, but that at present no remedy can be devised, short of applying to Parlt for a subsidy, which is impossible.
ABd 7 May
Mr Fortescue
I suppose that some such answer is the only one that can be given. I should ackge and say that the Duke of Newcastle is fully alive to theManuscript image importance of the subject and has given every encouragement in his power to any endeavours of the Colonial Governments of B. Columbia and VanCouver's Island to improve their postal communication with England, but that with regard to the further question of a grant of aid from the Imperial Treasury, H.M's Govt have not felt themselves at liberty to apply to Parliament for a vote for this purpose.
TFE 7 May
CF 8
This is the only answer that can be sent. I regret it, for I attach the utmost importance to the establishment of Packet communication between New Westminster & Panama.
N 8
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Draft, Elliot to Townson, 8 May 1862, advising that Newcastle was fully aware of the importance of the postal issue but was unable to apply to parliament for a vote for aid.
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Memorial, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce to Newcastle, on the question of postal service.
Minutes by CO staff
We have not heard of this. £5000 have been appropriated for a mail service of 6 months.