Bacher and Eschwege to Gairdner (Chief Clerk)
London, 14 Mincing Lane
March 4th 1862
Dear Sir,
A certain Dr Max Pfeiffer, native of Germany is in the newspapers reported to have been murdered in British Columbia in August last. He was for a long time practising physician at San Francisco, where he received a few years ago about £3000 from his family; & the latter wish to ascertain his reported end & in case of his death what had become of his property.
Please to have the necessary inquiry made in British Columbia & to inform us meanwhile w[h]ether and when we may expect to learn the result.
We are dear Sir
Most respectfully yours
Bacher and Eschwege

Gordon Gairdner Esq
Chief Clerk to the Colonial Office
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Mr Elliot
It wd be endless if the S. of S. were to undertake enquiries after dead, or reported dead people in the Colonies.
I shd ansr by saying that the S. of S. has recd no report of the alleged murder, and that the writers had better either address a Letter to the Governor of the British Columbia, or employ a professional Agent to ascertain the truth of the report, & proceed according to the circes of the case as they shall appear after enquiry.
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Fortescue to Bacher and Eschwege, 8 March 1862, advising that as no report had been received from the colony on the fate of Pfeiffer, their best course would be to contact the governor directly on the subject.