Cox & Co. to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Craigs Court S.W.
28 Nov 1862
On presenting to the Paymaster General your letter, stating that he had been authorised to issue to us Colonel Moody's R.E. Salary, June quarter last, as Commissioner of Works in British Columbia, we are informed that the amount cannot be paid without production of the usual Certificate of Life &c from the Colonial Office.
We have the honor to request to be furnished with this document at your early convenience.
We have the honor to be, Sir,
Your most obedt Servants
Cox & Co

Sir Frederick Rogers Bart
&c &c &c
Other documents included in the file
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P. Godfrey, Pay Office, to [Treasury], 3 December 1862, advising that a mistake had been made and that the salary would be issued without presentation of the certificate.
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E.C. Buckland, Treasury, to Pennell, 3 December 1862, enclosing Godfrey's note and advising that the salary would be paid.
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Buckland to Pennell, 2 December 1862, advising that the pay office had made a mistake as the certificate was always kept at the Treasury who then issued an order to pay, and advising that he would resolve the matter.
Manuscript image
Pennell to Buckland, 2 December 1862, asking whether the certificate sent to Treasury on 6 November 1862 was not sufficient to ensure payment of the salary.