Mrs. Cox to Colonial Office

The Memorial of Sophia Elizabeth Cox now residing at No 39 York Road, Kingstown. Wife of William G. Cox Stipendiary Magistrate, British Columbia .in -6 +6

That on the 6th day of November 1857 I was married to said William G. Cox in the Parish Church of St Marys, Donnybrook.
That shortly after our marriage I accompanied my Husband to New York and resided there with him until my health failed.
That the said William G. Cox in the Month of August 1858 proceeded to British Columbia as an Emigrant and at his solicitation I returned to Ireland. That said William G. Cox shortly afterwards obtained a Government Appointment and has been for some time and now is Stipendiary Magistrate in said Colony, that it was with your Memorialists Fortune her said Husband was enabled to emigrate, that said William G. Cox frequently promised to remit me half his Salary for my support, but has not made any remittance whatever.
That in consequence of such neglect, I have been reduced to great privation and am in debt to various people for the necessaries of life, and am now dependent on my Sister (who has very small means) for a roof to cover me and for my support, although my saidManuscript image Husband has an Income of at least (as I am informed and believe) £400 a year. That he has not any Family to support.
May it therefore please your Lordship to direct that some portion of my Husbands Income should be applied towards my support, or direct such further or other relief as my hard case requires.
Sophia Elizabeth Cox
39 York Road
Nov 22nd 1862
We certify to the truth of the foregoing Memorial

Ronald Macdonnell, Rector of Union of Monkstown Dio: Dub:

[Gusk?] N. Wade, 5 Clare St. Dublin, Solr
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
W. Cox is Chief Constable at Rock Creek, B Columbia with a Salary, as the applicant states, of £400. In such a case as this might not the interference of the Secretary of State be properly exercised? The Statement of the Memorialist is verified.
VJ 25 N
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I should write to the Governor, and say that unless he [Cox] can refute this representation, he must either provide for his wife out of his Salary (which the former shd cause to be done in an efficient manner & so as to prevent evasion) or else must immediatly be removed from his appointment.
TFE 25/11
N 26
Other documents included in the file
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Douglas, No. 151, 28 November 1862, forwarding a copy of Sophia Cox's request and asking that he investigate. Newcastle writes that if Sophia Cox's claims are true, William Cox must either provide her with support or resign his position.
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Rogers to Mrs. Cox, 6 December 1862, advising that the governor had been asked to bring the matter before her husband with a view to his making provison for your support.
Minutes by CO staff
Ought not Mrs Cox to be informed that the Govr has been
written to?