Irving to Newcastle

To His Grace the Duke of Newcastle

My Lord Duke,
In a communication received from your Grace, dated 20 June 1862 are these words No report has yet been received from the Governor respecting the land you hold in Vancouver Island—but his attention will be re-called to the subject.
May I request the favor ofManuscript image being informed if any report has been since received, also whether any arrangement has been made respecting the claims of those who like myself, having paid a deposit for the purchase of land at 20/s per acre, have declined completing the purchase at that price when it can be had in the colony at 4s/2d per acre.
I have the honor to remain My Lord Duke
Your obedient humble Servant
John Irving,
Blenheim House
nr Ross
Nov 24th 1862
Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
This Gentleman has clearly not received the letter of the 30th of July. Should a Copy of that letter now be sent to him adding that the original was sent to his present address?
VJ 26 N
So proceed. Blenheim House, near Ross, Herefordshire.
TFE 20/11
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Rogers to Irving, 3 December 1862, enclosing a duplicate of a letter which was sent to you at your present Address on the 30th of last July on the subject.