Macdonald to Newcastle
18 Parliament Street,
Westminster, S.W.
14 Jany 1862 To His Grace The Duke of Newcastle Secretary of State for The Colonies &c &c &c

My Lord Duke,
Having a Work on British Columbia in Manuscript and being desirious of perusing, before publication, papers relative to the affairs of the Colony I have today made every possible enquiry at "The Turn Stiles," and of Messrs Groombridge & Sons as to when "Blue Book" Part IV is to be published, but to no purpose.
May I therefore take the very great liberty of asking Your Grace to instruct one of Your Grace's Secretaries to inform me how soon it is expected that papers relative to British Columbia for 1861 Part IV willbeManuscript image be published.
I have the honour to be, My Lord Duke
Your Grace's most obedient humble Servant
D.G.F. Macdonald
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
I understand that the next series of B. Columbia Papers will be published in about three or four weeks. So inform the Writer?
VJ 17 Jan
Mr Jadis
Say in about a Month.
TFE 17/1
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Elliot to Macdonald, 20 January 1862, advising the papers in question would be available in about a month's time.