Townsend to Newcastle
34 Hunter Street
Brunswick Square
March 7/62
My Lord Duke,
In consequence of a former application of mine for information respecting British Columbia, your Grace directed a copy of a Proclamation regulating the disposal of Crown-land there to beManuscript image forwarded to me for my perusal, and which I duly returned.
I am encouraged to enquire, whether, by your Grace's directions, I can be furnished with, or allowed access to, any information bearing on the agricultural conditions of British Columbia; which I am anxious to obtain.
I may remark, with regard to the nature of the information I seek, that it is given very fully respecting VanCouver Island in a report of anManuscript image official survey of land around the Nanaimo River, and in the Cowichan Valley in that Island, which was published in October '59 by the Emigration Commissioners, by direction of the Secretary of State for the Colonies.
I will not plead as my excuse for making this request, the great public interest felt in British Columbia, for I am individually interested in the colony, and am, moreover, collecting information for publication respecting it. I may further plead the opinion so frequently expressed byManuscript image Governor Douglas in his published Despatches of the necessity which exists for an emigration of agriculturists to the colony; which would of course be likely to be forwarded by the publiation of information bearing on the subject.
I have the honour to be,
with much respect,
Your Grace's obedt Servant
H.R. Townsend

His Grace the Duke of Newcastle
&c &c &c
Secretary of State for the Colonies
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Answer that the only reliable information which this Office possesses on the subject of the Agricultural Capabilities of B. Columbia is contained in the Papers presented or to be shortly presented to Parlt respecting that Colony.
ABd 10 March/62
FR 10/3
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Fortescue to Townsend, 12 March 1862, advising that the required information would soon be available.