Weatherby to Newcastle
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand
May 15th 1862 My most honble Duke of Newcastle

I at this moment I would deem it as a real christian favour from you for you to condescend to my request Viz to obtain for me a free grant of Land at or near Victoria, on Frazer River British Columbia Colony without delay and likewise I request the favour of Sir Geo Grey Bart Home Secretary of State for England and you immediately to demand the Two Hundred and Fifty Pounds Sterling left to me from my lateManuscript image uncle Mr Thomas Weatherby late of Linnhead by Cockburnspath Berwickshire, Scotland and two years interest due on that sum at Whitstide 1862. Your Grace by this time must know I lost nearly Eleven Thousand Pounds starting with farming [sick?] rented Farms under the late Earl Grey and General Grey of Morwick by Warkworth in Northumberland England and with other failures of highland Farmers in the sad years of from 1826 to 1833 [that Ruined Poor me?]. I wouldManuscript image deem it as a very great favour from you by first mail to hear, an answer.
Your Grace knows I know strange events which has and will happen for several years to come and Sir Geo Grey knows the same if he knows the peoples thoughts in Northumberland England. I hope you will not think I am insane when I write to you so truthfully and freely. If you remember I put a Black thread round the newspapers I sent to England from here after the middle of December last.Manuscript image I was very sorry when I heard of the death of him for he was doing a very vast deal of good for England. Your Grace I am 57 years old and has had a part of hardships to contend with since I left England on the 6th November 1852. I arrived at Melbourne Victoria with only one Shilling in my Pocket. I have been in New Zealand for 4 1/2 years and I think it is full time I was out of it. Fiji Island, and Chattam Island are worthy of protection and will pay for such. Protect British Columbia very strongly both by sea and Land.
Your Graces most humble Servant
Watson Weatherby
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Sir F. Rogers
The Writer asks for a grant of land in British Columbia. I suppose he should be informed thro' the Govr of New Zealand (where he resides) that free grants are not made. He also refers to Sir George, and to Lord Grey with reference to a Sum of Money he supposes to be due to him.
VJ 22 Augt
Mr Jadis
Hardly worth answering—but I suppose it is respect to answer as you propose.
FR 23/8
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Grey, New Zealand, No. 83, 2 September 1862, asking him to advise Weatherby that it is not the practice to make free grants of land in British Columbia.