No. 105
27 February 1862
I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch No. 74 of the 13th of November, enclosing the Estimates of British Columbia for the year 1862.
I have to point out to you that whilst the salaries comprized in their estimates are exhibited in almost superfluous detail,thoseManuscript image those heads of expenditure which most demand scrutiny and deserve explanation are exempted from all supervision in this Department by the course you have taken of merely stating them in a single large sum such as £31,749 for Roads and £7500 for Works.
My attention has also been attracted to the evidence which your annual estimates exhibit of a disposition continually to augment the CivilExpenditureManuscript image Expenditure so as to equal or even exceed the growing revenue.
In another despatch I have approved you that the sum of £11000, being one moiety of the total cost, has been appointed to the colony in respect of its Military Expenditure for the year 1862, and I have to instruct you that you must so far curtail some of the different services proposed in your estimate as to admit of paying this charge out of theColonialManuscript image Colonial Revenue.
I have the honor to be
Your Obedient Servant
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