No. 136
1 August 1862
I forwarded for the inspection of the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury the specimens of the 10 and 20 dollar pieces which you propose to issue from the Government Assay Office in British Columbia, and which were enclosed in your despatch of the 10thofManuscript image of May No. 24.
Their Lordships have apprized me that they see no objection to the device of these Coins: but they think it advisable that you should be informed of a fraud that has been discovered in this Country in the case of the United States Double Eagle.
On melting some of these coins at the Bank of England it was foundthatManuscript image that, by an ingenious contrivance, the coin had been cut in half horizontally and rejoined, after the removal of gold from the inside, and the substitution of Platinum, so as to restore the weight and substance of the Coin.
It is obvious that a fraud of this nature could not be readilyperpetratedManuscript image perpetrated with a thinner coin, and it would therefore appear advisable that the thickness of the proposed Gold pieces should be reduced.
I have the honor to be
Your obedient Servant
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