No. 65, Miscellaneous
3 November 1863
I have duly received Your Grace's Despatch No 40 of the 31st July 1863, transmitting to me copy of a further letter from Mr Charles Walkem relative to the admission of his Son to the Bar of British Columbia.
2. I have forwarded a copy of that Despatch together withitsManuscript image its enclosure to Mr Justice Begbie, and I will not fail to lay before your Grace any report which Mr Begbie may have to make on the matter.
3. In the meantime the disabilities complained of as to the admission of Colonial Lawyers to practice in the Courts of the Colony, have been removed by the passage of the "Legal Professions Act 1863," which I had the honor to forward to Your Grace in my Despatch No 41 of the 9th July 1863.
I have the honor to be
My Lord Duke
Your Graces most obedient
and humble Servant
James Douglas
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Sir F. Rogers
Send a copy of this Desp. to the Govr of Canada for the information of Mr Walkem?
VJ 31 Decr
Sir F. Rogers
I hardly think that this will be enough. The Governor says that the complaint is met (as I suppose it is) by a certain act. Ought not Lord Monck to be told what the provisions of that Law are?
TFE 4 Jany
Mr Jadis
Send copy, adding that Mr Walkem will probably have heard from his son that under a recent proclamation, No 8 1863, Colonial barristers & solicitors may now be admitted to practise in BC.
FR 4/1
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Draft reply, Newcastle to Monck, Canada, No. 3, 9 January 1864.