Lugard to Elliot (Assistant Under-Secretary)
18 April 1863
Referring to your letter of the 28th Ultimo in which you state that the Duke of Newcastle is of opinion that the services of the Royal Engineers at present employed in British Columbia may be dispensed with at the end of the present year, I am directed by the Secretary of State to transmit to you the enclosed copy of a letter which has been receivedfromManuscript image from the Horse Guards, calling attention to the position held by Colonel Moody as Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, and enquiring whether he should be withdrawn with the other Officers.
I am to request that you will acquaint me with the answer which His Grace considers should be returned to this enquiry.
I have etc.
Edward Lugard
Minutes by CO staff
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You will remember that we discussed together the question of Colonel Moody's recall, and we were both of opinion that that step would involve us in no breach of engagement, or of faith.
Col: Moody was selected to command the detachment of R. Engineers in B. Columbia: And he was at the same time appointed Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works—the combination of offices being deemed conducive to the public interests. In a Letter addressed to him from this Dt on the 23d Augt/58 it is said "It is agreed that you shall remain in the Colony 1 year from the date of yr arrival." Col: Moody will have been 5Manuscript image years in the possession of these civil and Military appointments, supposing him to return by the end of this year. Colonel Moody has a warrant under the R. Sign Manual for his office of Chief Commr.
As I was largely concerned, under the direction of Sir Edward Lytton, with the first establishment of the Colony of B. Columbia, and, I may say, with the selection of the principal Officers, I have endeavoured to recall to mind whether anything passed, even in conversation, whh wd warrant Colonel Moody in preferring any claim to being retained in his civil appointment after the termination of his military command in the Colony. To the best of my recollection nothing was held out to him different to that which was written to him—nor indeed is it likely that such shd have beenManuscript image the case—so that, on the whole, though Col: Moody may be disappointed in not being allowed to retain his Commissionership, he can have no just grievance against us.
The Duke of Newcastle has, of course, taken into his consideration, the necessity of selecting a successor to Col: Moody in his Civil Office, it will be difficult to find too good a man for this place.
ABd 20 April/63
I quite agree with Mr Blackwood. The letter in August 1858, of which an extract is annexed, supplies conclusive proof that Coll Moody's Civil Office was not bestowed upon him as a permanent one. His retirement was treated as possible at the end of even one year. Moreover the chief feature of his appointment was the command of the Troops, and with the cessation of that command,Manuscript image it is natural that the other employment should cease likewise.
He has not seemed very contented with his sphere in British Columbia; and to leave him there with nothing but a subordinate Civil Office would be to expose the Governor of the Colony, either present or future, to the inconvenience of a rival without even the benefit of a very efficient Assistant.
Mr Blackwood truly says that a good successor would be very desirable. I do not know whether it would be too great a rise in life for Mr Light, but he must possess both experience and attainment which might be supposed to be valuable in such a Country as British Columbia. His manners are prepossessing, and his connections are respectable, for he is, I understand, a nephew of the late Sir Henry Light of the Artillery, who was long Governor of Guiana. Probably Sir Edmund Head could tell us more about him if it shd be desired.
TFE 21 April
I quite agree as to Coll Moody. There is no doubt he is looking to the Governorship, (for which he is not fit) and would be a discontented Subordinate to Mr Douglas' successor.
N 22
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Horse Guards to War Office
Horse Guards
14 April 1863
Referring to your letter of the 4th instant in reply to mine of 6th January last relative to the relief of the Royal Engineers serving in B. Columbia who will have completed the usual term of Foreign Service in Octr next; I am directed by HRH the FM Commanding in Chief to request you will call the attention of the Secy of State for War to the London Gazette of 12th Octr 1858 wherein it is notified that the Queen has been pleased to appoint Lieutt Col & Brevet Colonel RC Moody, RE to be Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works for the Colony of B. Columbia—& to state that HRH is desirous of beinginformedManuscript image informed whether, in consideration of the Commission thus conferred, Colonel Moody should be withdrawn from the Colony at the close of the year with the other Officers & Men, no exception having been made in his case in the letter from the Colonial Office of 28th Ultimo forwarded in your communication alluded to.
I have &c
W.F. Forster

The Under Secy of State for War
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Elliot to Under-Secretary of State, War Department, 27 April 1863, advising that Newcastle "does not think it necessary, on the termination of Col. Moody's military duties, to retain his services in his civil capacity," and enclosing extract of the letter to Moody dated 23 August 1858.
Minutes by CO staff
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I shd almost judge from the enquiry raised at the H. Guards, that they think this office has not sufficiently considered the case of Col: Moody, or that they don't want him on their hands again. In any event I think it will do no harm to furnish the H. Guards with the terms of our agreement with Col: Moody, which will show that there is no cause of complaint as against us.
I assume that when the despatch is written to Govr Douglas to announce the recall of the Engineers we shall take care to make the announcement of the termination of Col: Moody's employment as little unpalatable to the Colonel as we can.
TFE 23 April
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Extract, Under-Secretary to Moody, 23 August 1858

It is agreed that you shall remain in the Colony one year from the date of your arrival, and that you will not quit it unless you are satisfied that the Officer you leave in charge is fully competent to the work before him, and that the public service is not prejudiced by your return toEnglandManuscript image England. Should you desire to stay longer for the execution of works in which you are actively engaged and to which you consider your presence essential you will communicate that wish to H.M's Govt.