Cox & Co. to Rogers (Permanent Under-Secretary)
Craigscourt S.W.
3rd July 1863
We have the honor to draw your attention to our letter of the 15th ulto, requesting to be furnished with the usual certificate from your office, without which the Paymaster General will not issue to us Colonel R.C. Moody's R.E. salary for March quarter last.
We beg to add that on applying today at the Paymaster General's Office for Colonel Ord's Salary, March 1/4, as Governor of the Bermudas, for which you furnished us with a certificate in May last, we are informed that the Treasury authority has not yet reached that department.
We have the honor to be, Sir,
Your most obedt Servants
Cox & Co

Minutes by CO staff
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Mr Elliot
It has been usual and apparently sufficient in order to enable Cox & Co to draw the salary of the Governor of Bermuda to furnish them upon their application for presentation to the Paymaster General with a certificate of the form in use at this office.
The Paymaster General appears now to require independently of this certificate an additional authority from the Treasury which I suppose would only issue on the receipt of a letter from this office.
I suppose the Treasury should be asked, though it would be for the first time, to issue the authority required by the Paymaster General.
A precisely inverted course was recently observed with respect to the salary of Colonel Moody of British Columbia. It was usual in this case upon the receipt of a letter from Cox & Co toManuscript image request the Treasury to authorize the issue of Colonel Moody's salary and, on hearing this had been done, to inform Cox & Co but without sending them a certificate of the kind abovementioned.
On the application of Messrs Cox for Colonel Moodys salary for the last December quarter the same course was by inadvertence followed as has been usual in the case of the Governor of Bermuda—i.e. they were simply furnished with a certificate—this proved insufficient and the inadvertence had to be rectified by following the usual course in the case of Colonel Moody—viz of simply writing to the Treasury.
But when on the application of Messrs Cox for the issue of Colonel Moody's [pay] for the last March quarter, the usual course was followed (viz of writing to the Treasury) the Paymaster for the first time refused to issue the Salary without the production of a certificate of the abovenamed kind.
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I suppose in future the course will be to write to the Treasury and, on receiving an answer, to inform Messrs Cox also sending them a certificate.
But I have gone into the case in case you should think it worth while to ask the Treasury to explain the departure from the usual practice in Colonel Ord's case as well as in Colonel Moodys.
RE 4 July 63
Vide B. Columbia 2319, 5463, 5930.