No. 13
18 February 1863
I have the honor to acquaint you that, on my recommendation, the Lords Commissoners of the Treasury have agreed to propose to Parliament a Vote for £22,121 to defray the charge of the Colony of British Columbia for the year 1863-4.
I enclose a copy of theEstimateManuscript image Estimate which will place you in possession of the particular services for which this sum will be voted. The Lords Commissioners have consented to propose the Vote in reliance on the punctual fulfilment by the Colony of its part of the arrangement made last year for providing for expenditure incurred inexcessManuscript image excess of the sums granted by Parliament, and for the cost of the specie and other services.
The enclosure in my despatch No. 131 of 16th June 1862 will have informed you of the particular repayments required from your Government. They consist of the followingsumsManuscript image sums.
In 1862—for Specie—————————————-£6900.0.0
————-Assay Office ———————————— 152.3.8
Bishop's passage——————————- 69.13.0
——————————————————————— 7121.16.8
and in 1863 for Roads Bridges and Surveys——£10704
I rely upon your making the above payments with due regularity, and I have to request that you will report to me how far you may yet have complied with the demands of theImperialManuscript image Imperial Government in this respect. In case, unfortunately, any of the repayments should be arrear I must impress upon you the necessity of forthwith repairing the omission.
I have the honor to be
Your Obedient Servant
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Copy, "Estimate of the amount of aid required to defray the charge of this colony [British Columbia] for the year ending the 31st of March 1864."
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