No. 17
31 March 1863
I cannot allow this Mail to depart without repeating to you more distinctly the directions, to which I trust however that you will not have failed to pay due attention, contained in my despatch, No. 14 of the 12th of March, that you were not to raise the new Loan of £50,000 in the same manner as the last. I must most distinctly enjoin it upon you that the loan is to be left to be effectedbyManuscript image by the Colonial Agents in the money market of this Country upon the most advantageous terms which can be procured here. I have received with some surprise and disappointment your despatch No. 6 of the 10th of January, by which I find that you have not complied with my directions that you should refund the value of the Specie, amounting to £6900, appropriated by you without leave to the purposes of your Government. This, I regret to say, cannot but tend to shake confidence in your financial proceedings, and I must beg you to understand that you are expected, on pain of the serious displeasure of Her Majesty's Government, to complystrictlyManuscript image strictly with my present orders on the manner of raising the contemplated Loan.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant