No. 49
3 September 1863
I have the honor to transmit to you, for your information, a copy of a correspondence with the Board of Admiralty relative to the payment of the sum of £500 appropriated by the government of British Columbia towards the expense of the Survey of the Coast of the Colony, and I have toinstructManuscript image instruct you to cause payment of the contribution in question to be made to the Naval Department in the manner pointed out by the Admiralty.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble servant
Other documents included in the file
Manuscript image
Copy, Romaine to Elliot, 8 June 1863, on finances for a "Survey of the Coast of the Colony."
Manuscript image
Copy, Elliot to the Secretary to the Admiralty, 7 August 1863, confirming £500 for the survey.
Manuscript image
Copy, Romaine to Elliot, 29 August 1863, on where the finances should be paid.
Pelham-Clinton, Henry Pelham Fiennes to Douglas, James 3 September 1863, NAC RG7:G8C/10, 569. The Colonial Despatches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia 1846-1871, Edition 2.2, ed. James Hendrickson and the Colonial Despatches project. Victoria, B.C.: University of Victoria.

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