No. 46
23rd September 1864
With reference to my despatch No. 30 of the 31st of August, respecting the large gathering of Indians which took place in New Westminster on the 24th of May, I beg leave to state that I expect a still more numerous meeting on Her Majesty's next birthday should no war of races intervene.
2. In replying to the address of the Chiefs I stated that I gavethemManuscript image them but small presents this year, but that the next time we all met, I would bestow gifts of greater value. I have therefore the honor to request that you will instruct the Agents General to forward as early as possible to this Colony one hundred canes with silver gilt tops of an inexpensive kind, also one hundred small and cheap English flags suitable to Canoes about 20 or 30 feet long.
3. I wish to introduce into this Colony the practice which worked very successfully in Honduras, of presenting a Staff of Office to the Chief of each friendly tribe. I haveconsultedManuscript image consulted the Roman Catholic Missionaries on the subject and they entirely approve of my intention.
4. I think it would be well to have the Crown engraved upon the head of each cane.
I have the honor to be
Your most obedient
humble Servant
Frederick Seymour
Minutes by CO staff
Manuscript image
Mr Elliot
The state of the Agents account with the Colony is now before you. May the Agents be authorized to comply with this requisition, but telling them to report the cost in the first instance.
VJ 29 Nov
Mr Jadis
It has now been determined to let the Agents execute any requisitions which may not appear very costly. Will you prepare a letter to them, asking them the probable expense. Mark it immediate.
TFE 22 Decr
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Manuscript image
Elliot to Crown Agents, 22 December 1864, forwarding copy of the despatch and inquiring about the cost of compliance.